About us

Our team is comprised of senior level professionals with extensive public and private sector experience designing, managing, and evaluating complex, high impact projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Central and South-East Asia.

We apply our experience

to provide support services in the following ways:

Technical Assistance to accelerate the transfer of innovative technologies through the design and delivery of customized solutions tailored to local energy utilization and economic development objectives. Our experts provide technical assistance to regional, national, and subnational institutions from the public and private sectors in energy use and supply, forestry, and agriculture. Areas of technical support include:
• Technical assessments including policy framework, willingness to pay, market and supply chain, barriers, technology efficiency, carbon emission impact, as well as piloting and deployment of technologies;
• Technical support for policy and planning documents, including strategies, policies, roadmaps, action plans, measurement and evaluation;
• Workshops and trainings to build capacity of policy makers, business and non-governmental leaders;
• Development of customized tools and methodologies based on international practices;
• Participatory approaches to developing project concepts, project designs, and implementation plans.
Facilitating access to information and knowledge on energy systems technologies to strengthen the capacity of developing countries’ private and public sector institutions to identify effective technology options, make evidence-based technology choices, and sustainably operate, maintain and adapt appropriate technology. Through the implementation of training of trainers, webinars, virtual knowledge platforms, and in-person workshops, Trainings include strategies and approaches for regions, countries, and cities to mainstream energy production, supply, and utilization plans with the overall objective of encouraging leaders and decision makers to undertake market-drive approaches to suitable to local market conditions. Case studies involve projects managed by Orizon experts.
Fostering collaboration among stakeholders, via our network of regional and sectoral experts from academia, the private sector, and public and research institutions. Orizon supports the establishment of a cadre of experts consisting of project leaders and champions from the public and privet sectors to promote successful practices, policies, and innovation. Leveraging existing international professional networks, Orizon support the development of cadres of experts in energy production, agribusinesses, industry, and services. Regional cadres can also be developed to provide more focused collaboration through annual workshops and representation at international events.